Civil Exchange is an independent, not-for-profit thinktank that exists to
help strengthen civil society and help government and civil society work better
together. It acts as a ‘link tank’, connecting with other organisations and
individuals with expertise and knowledge to exchange ideas and find new

Its latest publication is Defending our Democratic Space: a call to Action, published with the Sheila McKechnie Foundation in August 2023. We spoke to charities, organisations, grassroots campaigners, and people beyond civil society and heard concerns about specific threats to democratic space. Yet, the bigger picture emerged as the greatest issue for them – we heard the overall problem is serious and growing, but is largely going unnoticed. This report documents the problem, asks why it is happening, and shares strategies those who are concerned can use to counter the threats.

Here’s what the Guardian and our Director, Caroline Slocock, had to say.  For links to the report and Executive Summary, visit our publications page.

Civil Exchange is also the host for the cross-sectoral leadership network, A Better Way,
which aims to improve services, build community and create a fairer society. It
was co-founded by Civil Exchange’s Director, Caroline Slocock, and Steve Wyler
and has over 1000 members.