Coverwithblack underline around itOur latest publication is Insights for A Better Way: improving services and building strong communities.

Communities could be so much stronger, services so much better and this collection of insights lights the way. Written by members of the Better Way network (which Civil Exchange hosts) and others, the stories, ideas and case studies in this volume show what is possible and how it can be done.

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Civil Exchange is an independent think tank that exists to help strengthen civil society and help government and civil society work better together.  It works to

  • Raise everyone’s awareness of the added value of a vibrant voluntary sector.
  • Identify opportunities and new ways of working and connecting people and organisations across civil society and beyond.
  • Break down barriers and increase understanding across sectors.

It acts as a “link tank,” connecting with other organisations and individuals with expertise and knowledge to exchange ideas and find new solutions.  To learn more about Civil Exchange, click here.

In September 2016, Civil Exchange launched an exciting new initiative, A Better Way, linking up social activists across different sectors who want to share ideas and inspiration about how to improve services and build stronger communities.  It is working in partnership with the Carnegie UK Trust and the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.